EP Review: Katie O – Chamber

By Orla Brady

Singer and musician Catherine O’Halloran, otherwise known by the stage name – Katie O, released her debut EP Chamber, last month.

Prior to creating the Katie O persona, O’Halloran developed an impressive musical career. Her vocals have featured on the soundtrack to several Hollywood films, including the 2007 Oscar winning film ‘The Golden Age’, Oliver Stone’s ‘World Trade Centre’ and ‘In Time’. Scottish composer Craig Armstrong (The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge) is known to have said O’Halloran has “one of the most beautiful voices I have ever worked with” and describes her as an artist who “sings from her soul.”

The four self-composed tracks that make up Chamber prove that this high praise is certainly merited. O’Halloran displays stunning vocals which emote a sense of melancholy and sadness, particularly within tracks such as Chamber and After The Party.

Each track features enchanting melodies and compelling lyrics, drawing us in to a story which is specific for each song. In Chamber, we witness lyrics which depict extreme anxiety and isolation, and in After The Party, we gain an insight into the little moments within a relationship where emotions can instantaneously change from hate and anger, to love and comfort.

Wind and Stars is the track which truly highlights O’Halloran’s talent for composition. It is a layered track, featuring several moments of musical rise-and-falls which successfully mirror the emotion that pours out from her lyrics. Moments of happiness are expanded and exaggerated, whilst moments of sadness are delicate and gentle.

Moments brings the record to a satisfying end. This folk-heavy track presents itself as a great deal more buoyant than what we have heard previously in the record. It does so through fast and light guitar and drums and optimistic lyrics, which discuss the feeling of savouring specific moments of happiness.

Katie O has succeeded in creating an outstanding debut EP, which features perfectly composed tracks and deep, poetic lyrics. She is an artists that we will be keeping on our radar.

Facebook @KatieOSings

Instagram @katie_o_music

Website https://www.katieo.org

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