Single Review: Phoebe Marshall – If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?

Leeds based indie-pop artist, Phoebe Marshall, leans into her pop sensibilities in second single ‘If You For Begged Me, Would I Have Stayed?‘.

‘Don’t Tell Her’, the debut single from Phoebe Marshall, could easily feature at the start of a 2000s indie romance featuring Michael Cera on a soundtrack alongside the likes of The Moldy Peaches or Shout Out Louds. Her latest single ‘If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?’ belongs right at the end of the film, accompanying the main character’s sudden and life-changing realisation of who they really are. 

Photo by Phoebe Marshall

Like most musicians, Phoebe has had to find a new way to be creative during the Covid Lockdown. Recorded virtually with producer Chris Mulligan, Phoebe recorded the basics of the track in her bedroom and then shipped it off with notes of influences like Phoebe Bridgers, Haim and Lorde. Taking melodic and sonic ideas from the Taylor Swift side of things, this single is hook driven and boosted with perfect pop production. There are definitely some Jack Antonoff vibes from the synths and drums on this one. 

Introducing itself softly, the single swells and sways with padded synths and filtered percussion whilst the lyrics tell the story of irrational nostalgia in the post break up mind. The song is full of confusion and contradictory emotions; a pretty accurate representation of the self flagellating broken heart. The song ups the energy for a pre chorus driven by electronic drums clapping their way into the absolute highlight of the song. The chorus opens up to a sort of trap beat full of rhythm and bounce, and could slot into anything from Taylor Swift’s 1989 or Lover. It’s catchy and filled with lots of sliding harmonies, each of which could be a hook in their own right.

Photo by @catriona_holmes_fdm

The two singles released so far show a range of options for where this artist could go. Each option will be sure to contain edgy-but-relatable lyrics, pop hooks and great harmonies. With plans to relocate to London, and hopes that the music industry can return to some sort of normality, the right gigs and exposure could see Phoebe Marshall wriggle her way into the minds of thousands.

In this tough time, if you enjoy the track consider checking out Phoebe’s Bandcamp profile and buying her tracks. Every little helps! (Sorry Tesco).

Instagram: @phoebe_marshall
Twitter: @phoebemmusic

Article by Fearghal McMahon.

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