Single Review: Drift – Lifeline

By Alice Brown

Hailing from Paisley, Drift are an electronic duo made up of Linzi Clark and Andrew Quinn. The duo have exploded onto the Scottish scene with previous releases ‘First Place’ and ‘The Isle Of’ alongside playing King Tut’s New Year’s Revolution, Sofar Sounds and gaining recognition from The Skinny, TENEMENT TV and BBC Radio Scotland. Drift’s latest track ‘Lifeline’ comes just weeks after their remixed track ‘Edge of Love’ that was released in collaboration with fellow buddies The Vegan Leather.

‘Lifeline’ is the perfect combination of Linzi’s elegant vocals and Andrew’s soulful harmonies which weave together throughout the track on top of Andrew’s production which makes the track stand out to be a dream- pop ANTHEM! The song begins with a sense of vulnerability which leads into a punchy dance hit that you can’t help but dance to.

Linzi describes ‘Lifeline’ as “I wanted to explore the secrecy and vulnerability in really letting go. That authentic moment we all get at times when you step outside of your own body and have a light bulb moment, letting go of ego and your own ideas of yourself and how you’re seen to others. It’s sensual but with an underlying edge of vulnerability”. Linzi massively reflects her emotions throughout the track which creates a strong connection between the listener and artist.

Andrew also describes the track as “Lifeline started off with the keyboard stabs from the chorus then I built the song up from there. I had all the components, melodic bass part and some nice sounding textures but the song still wasn’t sounding great. After experimenting in the studio a bit with vocals and guitar we decided to go with a more prominent guitar sound and strong vocals which really tied the song together and has become a feature of our sound as a whole.”

Photo credit – Gianluca Bernacchi

I can’t wait to hear ‘Lifeline’ live! Keep an eye on Drift’s social media for future gig announcements.


Twitter: @driftband_

Instagram: @driftband_

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