Single Review: Will and The People – Shame

by Chelsea Ness

Brighton’s very own indie rock band, Will and the People have been making waves in the music scene for around ten years now and their latest track, Shame suggests that the four piece won’t be stopping anytime soon (we hope not anyway). The first time I discovered the band was after hearing their single, ‘Lion in the Morning Sun’ which quickly became my essential indie-pop summer anthem of 2011- how was that nine years ago?! Fast forward to present day and their new release, Shame which certainly steers the band into a more rockier direction whilst still maintaining that same high-quality in songwriting that I remember hearing all those summers ago.

The track begins with dark yet quirky singular piano notes sporadically playing which instantly pulls listeners in from the get-go creating this mysterious ambience throughout. Add this with lead singer, Will Rendle‘s incredible vocal range alongside the unique blend of heavy guitar riffs and you have this alt-rock explosion that will leave you wanting more. Think Slaves meets Royal Blood with a little King Charles thrown in there – a style I can guarantee you will not have heard before!

Photo Credit – Daniel Harris

The steady but catchy drum beat displayed throughout the track collides perfectly with the infectious guitar hooks. The lyrics within the song, ‘but tell me what’s the will of the people when we just think of ourselves, don’t tell me you don’t feel any shame’ with the word ‘Shame’ being emphasised throughout suggests that we live in a selfish society where us as individuals are more focused on ourselves than others. The lyrics help represent this important message and the heavy vibrant soundof the track helps portray the anger and frustration of the band.

It’s the type of song that needs to be played LOUD and would make for an incredible performance during a live set. Will and the People are actually scheduled to play King Tuts in October and I can already picture the scenes when this song makes an appearance on the set-list… freshly poured pints getting launched as the crowd erupts into an inevitable mosh pit full of enthusiastic head-banging whilst screaming ‘SHAME’ at the top their lungs – oh how I miss gigs!!

Shame explores a darker sound to Will and the People’s usual style and we absolutely LOVE it. We guarantee this is a track that you’ll be singing along to for weeks but for all the right reasons! Make sure you check it out below…




INSTAGRAM: @willandthepeople

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