“Pebbles”: The NEW SINGLE from Scruffy Bear.

By Amanda Kilfeather.

Scruffy Bear are back with another screamer of a single, “Pebbles“.

Life in lockdown has proved no chance of hindering these guys’ creativity and determination – they’ve hosted livestream shows from their new Band HQ, collaborated on covers with equally-talented artists, all whilst working away behind the scenes on yet another impressive addition to their ever-growing and evolving discography.

Just when you think you’ve got their sound sussed out – an eclectic blend of psychedelic prog rock, evident in each thunderous release thus far – they throw a curve ball, push boundaries further and break the sound barrier once more.

Pebbles” is a shapeshifter, in that it ebbs and flows, and the ripples it causes gradually evolve into monstrous high-energy waves. True to their writing style, of which the natural elements feature heavily, “Pebbles” sees metaphors of water and waves thematically utilised to address the songs subject matter. Mentioned in a previous interview with The Music Files, the lyrics are about “the constant battles of being in your early 20s,” in that, just as it seems as though calm is setting in following the survival of one hurdle, you’re instantly faced with a new challenge, a new storm to weather, all whilst longing for times of plain sailing. This pattern is even reflected in the composition of the song, where intense choruses come crashing into tranquil verses.

The track begins with minimal drum beat, setting the pace for modest guitar and delicate vocals, which if you know SB well, you’ll know is unique – so don’t get too comfortable. Intensity builds, until a thumping bass line pulses, making way for an almighty chorus. Each time it comes around it’s somehow stronger than the last. Georgie’s formidable vocals command Jack’s ripping guitar riffs as if it’s waves in the course of a storm, battling the crashes of Ryan’s cymbals. As the vocals cry out “let the water wash over me“, an electrifying solo lights up the bridge and every element of the track rampages on and combines to consume you. And just as you realise how quickly and effortlessly you’ve been swept off your feet, the storm ceases. You’re left with ringing in your ear and a mind that’s been blown.

Undoubtedly a single packed with intense power and and poignant meaning, “Pebbles” lets us hear what it means to show resilience in battling through life’s challenges.

Scruffy Bear’s new single, “Pebbles” is out now. Listen here.

To hear more, follow them on Spotify, and keep up to date with the band via their Instagram, Facebook and Band Website.

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