Single Review : Beta Waves – I Had You Wrong

by Paola Mancini, July 2nd 2020

Played this song while in the car with my brother and he said he felt like he’d stepped back to an 80s disco.

And I think that’s exactly what the segue of this song intended to do. A little nod to Tame Impala with the psychedelic vibes before exploding roughly 2 minutes in with the magnetic pickup of funky ecstasy.

If you close your eyes, the hallucinatory beat gives you the impression of standing in a field swaying side to side, probably holding some form of plastic cup, feeling the electromechanical blare literally bounce from the speakers. It’s the closest I’ve felt to being back at a summer festival.

Listen to “I Had You Wrong” on Apple Music as well as Spotify and other socials linked below:




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