EP Review: The Royston Club – The State I’m In

By Connor Adam

The Wrexham four-set The Royston Club have a sound and energy that is hard to synthesise, the kind sounds of adolescence and young charm that only can be found in youth. Don’t let age deter away from their talents though, these boys can play! The Royston Club’s latest effort This State I’m In establishes them as a force to be taken seriously. The EP shows the band are ready for the next steps in their career; it’s tight, polished, well produced and has some well written and composed tracks.  

Believe It Or Not which is by far my favourite tack on the EP. It’s a lively indie-rock track, much more modern and cleaner in tone to the rest of the EP. The verses are open and honest with an explosive chorus thrown in to complete the track. It’s a heart felt love song, “I miss the weight of your head, as you rest it on my chest”. There’s twists and turns, highs and lows, darks and lights which all show progression and maturity to their sound.

Young is a song for the youth with sound of rebellion and themes of love, politics and nights out all in one track – initially making the song quite confusing – but then it’s all brought together with the chorus; “I’m only older when it suits me” / “we’re just doing what we want for now”. Making all the themes seem relevant to each other, gluing and collecting all the verses to complete the message that being young can be confusing, it can be complicated but just do what you want.

The EP is mostly high tempo and really encapsulates what The Royston Club are about, faced paced indie rock & roll! It’s slightly reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys but with a more modern, heavier, Indie Rock sound. Tracks Young and Tangled Up really pushing out some real fast paced punk sounds with loads of attitude and spirit, the EP is a real coming of age soundtrack for British teens and is the sound of a generation.

This State I’m In is a solid effort from a band who are still early in their career. If the band keep following the trajectory they’re on, by this time next year they could be on festival stages up and down the country. They’re doing everything right at the moment and This State I’m In is another step in the right direction.

The Royston Club have set themselves up for big year next year, with some amazing slots at FOCUS International Showcase where they’ll surely be looking to impress – and I have no doubt they will. You can also catch them this year hopefully pandemic permitting at;

  • Jimmy’s, Liverpool, November 7th
  • The Grace, London, November 10th
  • Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham, November 18th



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