Single Review: Docksuns – Dancing On The Radio

By Connor Adam

Docksuns, a 5-piece rock and roll band from the north east of England incorporate melodic 60’s guitar, raspy hooky vocal’s and tunes that have loads swagger about them. And latest single “Dancing On The Radio” is no exception. The track is fiery and catchy, it’ll have you singing away the vocal hook for hours after you’ve listened to it. It’s infections, pop’y and it’ll leave you wanting more.

The track explodes directly from the get go, catches your attention and feeds you the hook line “dancing on the radio”, giving it to you so you know exactly how to sing the chorus for when it comes and you will because it’s so catchy. The song opens out into a soft melodic medley of acoustic guitar and lead giving a bed for the gritty vocals to sit on top of. 

The vocals are delivered in an almost Brett Anderson (suede) style, with the melodic and psychedelic guitar lines around the main vocals, encapsulating a lot of the brit-pop / art-rock vibes that come from this track. You could mistake this modern hit for a classic track by any late 80’s early 90’s English rock band.

The band have played capacity headline shows at northern venues such as Think Tank in Newcastle and Independent in Sunderland and will surly look to build into next year with the help of this strong effort in latest single. “Dancing On The Radio”, to me is the strongest release by the band so far, It hit’s all the right notes to be a perfect pop song. It’s so infectious and it’ll definitely have you singing along and eager to see what the band come out with next.

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