By Lauryn Donnelly

The psych-rock band Quiche that formed in Glasgow dropped their new glorious single ‘Rat Habits’ on the 29th of May and its easily one of my favourite tunes released this year. The six piece seriously know how to please a set of ears! Sounding like it’s come straight from a 50’s movie with hints of The Lemon Twigs and Dion & The Belmonts sweetly squeezed together mixing for the perfect Do-Wop sounding tune – I’m certain you’re going to eat this song up, savour it and love it as much as I do. Dig it.

Can we just appreciate the artwork for the single for a second? Vibes of John Travolta in the Grease cartoon opening credits, in a 50’s American diner with the black and white check floor and red seating booth’s – living my old school dream.

The opening of the song first hits you with some rhythmic drums and an enchanting guitar riffs which immediately gets you swaying back and forth to the rhythm of the song. With the first line kicking in, effortlessly melting into the song with the lyrics “I find it hard to face the day, well I’ve got no money it’s easier to stay” – the harmonic vocals are sure to captivate your inner do-wop and have you hypnotised to be singing and swinging along in no time.

The song continues with added swing and dreamy riffs, entrancing vocals, balanced rhythmic drumbeats, and the all round romantic vibe leading you back in time. Quiche headlined King Tut’s back in January as part of their ‘King Tut’s New Year’s Revolution’, this went on to prove they’re one of the most exciting upcoming band’s in Scotland and I can’t wait to see where the band lead’s to – with their own unique sound, look and effortless ways to take your mind back in time while listening to them – this band are destined for greatness. Now go get this tune listened too!


You can find Quiche and their new tune on social media and major streaming platforms:

Facebook: Quiche

Instagram: @quichetheband

Spotify: Quiche

Go show the band some love on social media and on their new tune. Peace n love n stay safe doll’s! Xo

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