Album Review – Kevin Daniel Cahill: Dynasties

by Chelsea Ness

Scottish contemporary guitarist, Kevin Daniel Cahill has truly exceeded his musical talents with his utterly gripping album, Dynasties. The creativity, skill and raw flair presented vastly throughout the eight track instrumental album. Listeners will inevitably be drawn in at the first instance.

If you’ve read any of my previous articles then you will know how important lyrics are for me, yet Dynasties proves sometimes all you need to do is let the music talk. In all honestly, I don’t listen to as much instrumental music as I used to, but after listening to Dynasties it was clear just minutes in how much of an impact the album was going to have over me.

I did something a little different when listening to Dynasties for the first time and I recommend you do the same. Lights off, earphones in, face-mask on, and let this musical masterpiece take you on a therapeutic journey…

The entire album is genius but thought I’d highlight a few of my favourite tracks in more detail…

Old Tapes of Airdrie featuring Flood of Red is the perfect track to kick things off with it’s gentle, peaceful aura. The fluttering keys make listeners feel a sense of empowerment – it’s like there’s a sudden realisation that everything is going to be okay. It’s madness that a piece of music can instantly change your mindset like that, yet this track does it so well. The music displays this spark of positivity throughout, alongside the muffled lyrics that although aren’t the clearest certainly still add to the atmosphere making you feel that you can take on the world.

Next up, we have Over Water which also features Georgia CĂ©cile & Fraser J Urquhart. A calming setting reflects throughout with the graceful melodies and soulful vocals that creates this sense of freedom. The gentle soft twinkling drips of water collide perfectly alongside the rest of the track leaving listeners in awe. There’s something incredibly fascinating about Over Water that pulls listeners in and does not let them go.

Perhaps my favourite track of the album, Gowho? GoKu! featuring Ash Soan, Harry Weir, Daniel Brennan creates a breezy jazz fusion through the wholesome sound of the saxophone which continues the exotic journey for the listeners. The chilled out funky melody explores the roots of soul, funk and jazz all within the space of three minutes. By this point in the album, I’m in a total trance, I’ve escaped reality and this particular track has totally transported me straight to my happy place… finding total inner peace.

The track, Infinites featuring Kinbrae continues the jazz infusion but with a more classical edge. It takes you back in time and reminds me a little bit of Public Service Broadcasting, that enriching informative sound that completely mesmerises listeners. The melodic symphonies within the track help to create the familiar soothing ambience that we start to crave throughout the rest of the album.

I highly recommend taking some time to really connect with Dynasties as I did. It’s refreshing to listen to a work of art so unique with a collaboration of numerous talented artists, which allows listeners to really zone out and appreciate the music.



Instagram: @kevindanielcahill

Twitter: @kevindcahill

Artwork cover by Federico Psevoznik

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