Single Review: Post Rome – Want to Believe

By Chelsea Ness

Do you know that feeling you get when you listen to a track for the first time and you are instantly hooked?! The excitement of discovering a fresh new sound that will make a great addition to one of the many playlists within your Spotify account and the eagerness of wanting to know more about the band and their other tracks?! Well Sunderland’s very own Alternative rock outfit, Post Rome‘s latest release, Want to Believe certainly left me feeling all that and more!

The track immediately kicks off with lead singer, Ben Goodfellow’s atmospheric vocals which collide perfectly alongside the steady bass and punchy drum beat featured in the incredibly strong opening. This high quality is continued throughout the rest of the track – a three minute explosion of infectious guitar hooks, rising melodies and emotional lyrics that take listeners on a journey through a troubled relationship.

The lyrics: ‘I don’t like you anymore, the one I used to adore‘ captures the destruction of a relationship that once appeared to be strong. A statement so simple yet so heartbreaking – a couple who were once in love are at such a breaking point in their relationship that they don’t even like each other anymore.

The chorus: ‘Well she’s looking at you, while your eyes look at the ceiling’ allows listeners to picture an uncomfortable setting between the couple, who have either just broken up, or are about to. The situation has become so bad between the them, that he can’t even make eye contact with his (ex) girlfriend. It’s a song that I’m sure is incredibly relatable to listeners who have been through break-ups in the past. The scene is just so well set that we can actually feel how uncomfortable the dispute between the couple is. That for me really shows the high quality and talent within Post Rome‘s songwriting ability – being able to write a track like ‘Want to Believe‘ which not only has an exciting, unique sound throughout, but also presenting lyrics that make their fans really feel something. It’s very difficult to master both music and lyrics within one track, yet Post Rome do this exceptionally well.

After listening to Post Rome‘s other material, it’s clear the band are expanding their musical style and moving into a slightly different direction with, ‘Want to Believe’. Some of their previous release for example, their song, ‘Tides’ certainly creates a more rockier vibe than Want to Believe which shows the band’s wide variety in music – something I think is really important for bands to experiment with.

Want to Believe gave me Bloc Party vibes from the get-go, alongside some influence from The 1975 and Editors. Three totally different bands with their own style, which highlights the uniqueness within Want to Believe. A song that was written to be performed in front of a large crowd and has certainly made me a fan of the Sunderland trio.





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