An Interview with Sean Simmons about his latest charity single, ‘Don’t 079 Me’

Last month, London based singer/ songwriter, Sean Simmons released his latest single, ‘Don’t 079 Me’ which reached number eight in the ITunes singer/ songwriter chart in order to raise money and awareness for the mental health charity, MIND. The official video of the track which was also released last month focuses on self-love and positivity – something I’m sure we all need in our lives over the last few months during lockdown.

We caught up with Sean to discuss ‘Don’t 079 Me’ in more detail…

  1. What was the creative process behind the track? 

The whole creative process of this single was completely different to anything I had ever written. In lockdown I’ve decided to focus on learning the Piano more and the song just came naturally and within 15 minutes I had written the whole single. It was meant to be a piano and vocals only song but once I had started producing the track, I just added more and more instruments to it. Making it the single that it now is. 

2. You’ve just released the music video for Don’t 079 Me – what was the idea behind it? 

The whole reason behind the Don’t 079 Me music video was for others to take some time back and figure out stuff they love about themselves. Whilst in isolation a lot of people will tend to suffer from mental health issues and I wanted to raise awareness and make a positive image of self love, something they should be happy for. We as humans never take time to appreciate the small things or think about what makes us personally great and I believe now is a time to do so. Whilst the song is raising money for the charity MIND via it’s iTunes sales, I wanted to raise awareness and give an opportunity for others at the end of the video to have the information to seek help if needed. It’s not just about the money raised but IF we can help save a life or help someone reach out and get the support they may need? That will be the best reward by far.

3. Was there any particular bands / musicians that helped influence the song? 

As mentioned on the creative process this song was originally meant to be a piano and vocals track. The type of thing we hear on Love Island when someone is going through a break up. The slow don’t cry song. But overall, in the end it took more inspiration from my previous single Hollywood Smile in the beat I believe. 

4. What is the meaning behind the name – Don’t 079 Me? 

Just literally means don’t call me or text me. It’s all a facade in the final days of a relationship. You remember the good times, you both know you’re not right for each other but its a type of a placebo effect that when you’re around each other or hear from them it feels natural and tricks the brain to heal the heart for that moment of time.
Funny enough my sister gave me a drunk call at 1am that same night of the video dropping to ask what does it mean, yet it seems a 50/50 situation on if people understand it!

5. Do you have a specific songwriting process? Is there a particular place you go to write? 

It’s usually always in my room at my home studio set up. I’ll be with a guitar and just start singing random lyrics and melodies of random chords. If it sounds like a hit, I’ll try and record a demo there and then because if I don’t, I’ll only forget the chord progression and then be stuck whenever I want to go back to it.



TWITTER: @SeanTGSimmons

INSTAGRAM: @seansimmons

Listen to the track here –

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