SINGLE REVIEW: LA Mode – ‘Fake News’

By Jay Roberts

When this scuzzy rock anthem came tearing through my speakers, I knew what I was hearing was going to be a massive tune. This raucous debut single by Manchester 3-piece LA Mode will be sure to turn heads and grab your attention simply from the wall of noise and the glorious assault on your ears.

The opening riff has the right amount of grit whilst keeping a great deal of clarity and punch. Then the vocals come in with an outspoken, unapologetic almost punk attitude. Really the whole mood is based upon being the brashest and most brazen, and its refreshing to hear all the same. Its not hard to see why LA Mode are receiving recognition on the Manchester underground scene and recently sold out the basement at the YES venue.

The track absolutely explodes at the chorus – the drums become massive with the lyrics repeating over and over. Underneath the guitar and bass are pushing the amps into near meltdown with the distortion and heavy drive. It’s real raw rock, played loud and it couldn’t be anymore spot on.

My favorite part for sure is the final chorus, just before the instruments break – ‘Fake News’ is uttered in the gap and once again everything explodes in a mashed up likeness of Royal Blood and Fontaines, to bring around a pulsating and ear ringing end. It’s exhilarating and i can only imagine the carnage that would occur when this is played live. Definitely, I can promise, ones to watch for the future.

Hear ‘Fake News’ by LA Mode below and follow the on the socials.

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