Jay R’s Writers 20 Playlist

By Jay Roberts

This week it’s my turn for my top 20, and I must stress there were many hard decisions to be made in what to include and what to leave out. It could have been 100 songs long and I’d still struggle to decide – so in turn, I have chosen the most influential 20(1) songs that have had the biggest impact on my taste and style that I would envisage my self to write like in the future. I have included a bit of everything, from The Smiths to Sam fender and everything in between. So without any further ado I present (and hope you enjoy) My Writers top 20.

I have chosen three specific songs to talk about and why I selected them in the end. Again this was difficult but there are a certain three that stand out to me, that have it all.

First off, the first song in the playlist stands out to me as one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a good while. Strung up – by Neon Waltz. Released this year and part of their new Huna EP – I dig everything about it. The First thing I noticed were the drums. The fast pattern on the hi-hat and plenty of crash give the tune such an energetic flow. The guitars and bass are just class paired with the lyrics that I love – “If I’m ordinary I’ll make my bed, you’ll find me in solitary within my head.” Finally the vocal line is mesmeric all in all there is not much to criticize at all. Even the fact they are home grown makes it better – I’d like to support young Scottish talent – for example; The Chosen lonely’s “Tenerife” (Also on the playlist) and supporting these young artists on the scene.

The Second most important track I’d like to mention is ‘Want The One I Can’t Have’ by The Smiths. To put it plainly Morrissey and Marr are the biggest inspiration to me personally. For as long as I can remember The Smiths have been my favourite band – the iconic riffs and dexterous rhythmic parts from Johnny Marr paired with the, sometimes vulgar but always meaningful, lyrics from Morrissey are a perfect combination in my mind. This song in particular speaks to me a lot – “If you ever need self validation – meet me in the alley by the railway station” always speak volumes to me and to top it off the riffs in this tune are profusely infectious.

Finally, I’d like to mention so many more – both Bloc party songs, and Questions and answers by Biffy Clyro could easily hold it however, One song with a more important message overall T.I.N.A by Enter Shikari. As a band Enter Shikari have always been outspoken in a political and climatic sense and with their new album they weren’t shy about picking those themes up again. I’v chosen Tina, because it says a lot about the way we live and what we need to change in order to prevent humanity from passing the stage of no return in regards to global warming, “There is no alternative” (the acronym of tina) sticks in the mind very prominently. Along with all of the meaning – the synth riffs, drums and guitar make the song massive. The synth parts after one listen i can guaruntee will be going round your head. It’s just a massive tune.

Hope you enjoy the playlist and reading some of my mentions. Please check out both the big and small bands. It’s been class. Cheers!

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