SONG REVIEW: Wilde – Wasted

By Jeanette Arsenault

It’s all about image when you are first starting out. 

Remember the Bieb?  A Canadian I must point out.  He’s quite talented and he skyrocketed to the top.  Sure he had some luck along the way – who hasn’t had a hand up at some point? It can get you attention but it can only get you so far.

Justin Bieber started out clean cut and then, whether by choice or by design,  he scruffed up to a bad boy image.  This included bad behaviour, being rude & belligerent, smashing up his car & getting arrested for drag racing and DUI – and being found naked on the road.

Well that sure cemented his badass image.

Did it work?  Doesn’t matter.  Like him  or not – clean cut or otherwise, he has talent so he still rides at the top.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because the first thing I see about the band, Wilde, is this:

“Having started their career with a severe disadvantage when they were blacklisted from all venues in their home city of Coventry following an incident with a mic stand, a drum kit and some bouncers, Wilde have since won over the venue owners and have continued to grow from strength to strength.”

And the next thing I see is their static photo on YouTube for their song *Wasted* with the guy on right looks the part.

Ok.  Image established.  Bad boy stunts – I get it.  By choice or by design?  Won’t matter if they have talent.  Press play.

Intro starts out lean – bass, drums then guitar kicks in.  Ok yes they can play – sound like early Beatles – sparse instruments, straight ahead chords & chord changes.  So far so good.

Vocals come in…sound a bit tentative to me. But then he winds up and you can hear that he can sing. It doesn’t sound to me like the band used a click track as the singer & band are off by maybe 10 cents at times.  But I don’t mind that.  There is something about not having everything perfect – that’s where the personality is found.  And the rawness.  And how you fatten up the sound.

Ok – I’m ok with that.  There is definitely some talent, the band plays well together.    Have to say I like the drummer – real 1970s rock feel.  And the guitar shots are effective.  Makes me think they probably have dedicated fans who rock out with them at the gigs.  I can see how they could  give their fans what they want. 

LOVE the guitar solo!  And then it goes into my fave part in a song just like when I was a teen –  when the bands cuts to just vocals and drums.  Guaranteed to get fans clapping and fists in the air.  Token rock effect but there’s a reason for that – we love it!  It never gets old.  Not with me anyway.  And I have been old for a while now so I know of what I speak.  Old in teen & 20 something eyes anyway.

Vocalist has chops and the band is very good.  Maybe it’s the mix I am reacting too?  Or maybe I’m old and want more of a blended mix & cohesive sound?

But, on the other hand, who worries about cohesive sound as a rock band?  

*Wasted* goes back to a great wah wah guitar solo & great drum with the classic drum/cymbal smash extro and then “That’s all folks!” and it’s over.

Tell me I’m wrong!  Have a listen for yourself.





Published by Jeanette Arsenault

Jeanette Arsenault is a singer/songwriter/recording & performing artist/mentor/coach who is now pursuing her new passion for music journalism. She is also currently preparing the foundation for her new business to provide support, consulting and resources to musicians.

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