Crimson Bloom – Cut Me Down Review

I know most artists, like myself, can find it quite annoying when they get dubbed sounding of a few notable artists constantly but when you say that Crimson Bloom are swathed in Stone Roses and The Charlatans vibes, you’d be right! They don’t hide it and why would you when they do it so well and completely own it. There is a tonne of originality sewn into what seems to be their biggest influences to create something truly special in a modern era.

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Crimson Bloom already have an album under their belt with the 2018 self titled release Crimson Bloom. Which has so many stand out track such as “Fall For You” & “Love and Madness”, showcasing some amazing talent possessed by the band. However the band have released a run of new singles ready for album two;

One of their new singles that really caught my attention was “Cut Me Down” which is a perfect, dreamy, soft melodic hit which just has sing-a-long festival hit all over it. You’re immediately hooked on the guitar melody from the start then it dropping off giving all the space for Andrew to deliver his dark and moody first line which really contrasts with the up-beat mood of the music;

“what is this sweet satanic feeling see how it burns deep down inside”

The song drives forward for the chorus unleashing leashing the anthem that is the simple but very effective hook line;

“you cut me down like a flower”

The drums thumps down with a straight beat with the guitars ready for a massive festival crowd to chant the chorus back to the band – and that’s what this is a massive anthem ready for next years festival season.

You’re always lost in the track and involved with every beat, never tuning out because of the subtle changes going on in the music that leaves you in the labyrinth that is Crimson Bloom’s sound. The layers of shimmering 60’s style guitar, rhythmic pounding drums and the bass providing a solid grove to hold it all together and keep your feet tapping. The dark undertones coming from the lyrics are always perfectly off balanced to the music which means it is perfect listening in any occasion. Whether you’re feeling put down or a bit lost which the lyrics suggest or you can draw from the exceptional upbeat melodies within the music to put you in wherever your happy place is.

You can hear the bands experience pull together to create this ode to late 80’s northern guitar music and creating something special. Crimson Bloom are building up to their new album Finer Times In Other Worlds perfectly with an amazing run of singles and hopefully just a taste of something special to come from the eagerly awaited album.

Finer Times In Other Worlds will be coming out 1st of August, and for all you collectors they’re even doing a run of vinyl. Pre order it here;

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