SONG REVIEW: BLVFF – Want For Nothing

by Jeanette Arsenault

“The average web visitor reads only 6 words of a headline. The average time spent reading a blog article is 15 seconds. If a reader sticks around past 15 seconds, they’ll likely stay for 7 minutes”, writes Thomas Smith of Gado Images in a Medium Magazine article.

I think the same applies to music, too.  We expect to see images whizz by and to be pulled immediately into the music for a 3 – 4 minute ride of entertainment & distraction or perhaps a journey of self-insight & transformation.  Whatever it is, you expect the song to move you, wake you up, calm you down and at least make you feel “something”.

Music has that kind of power.  

So when I pressed ‘play’ to listen to BLVFF’s song, *Want For Nothing*, I expected energy!  Drums poundin’, guitars grindin’ and the singer rockin’ it out – you know – the kind of thing you’d expect to hear from an “Indie Rock” band. 

That’s rock, right? It’s all about energy and driving rhythms while fans rock out in a human wave of shared excitement.

So when you make the decision to press play on BLVFF’s  YouTube video, the first thing you expect is … sound!  But all you hear is … nothing.  

For 14 seconds!  Wait – is this thing working?  Did I hit play?  What the what the?

At the last second, literally, before the 15-second attention span is up, you hear some sort of coin-clanging sound, at least I think that’s what it is, which might explain the purple illustrations we see during the silent intro. 

Then it’s full on great rock music with a very tight, really great band.  Terrific production, too – I’m sure rock stadiums will be full when BLVFF is on the bill.  The vocalist is truly awesome – strong vocals, attitude, great range.  And he knows how to skillfully ride on top of all the instruments.   That and a great mix.

You can tell he has good chops because he can easily carry the quiet part of the song “I don’t want for nothing” when the band drops out.  Gorgeous harmonies join in and are perfectly blended.

Love that part!  But I love the full band too.  Was nice to get both in the same song.

“Supernova won’t you cease

I can’t seem to get away”

He wails it out like a true rockstar can do. Then it’s back to quietly singing “I don’t want for nothing” and then back to rocking it out again.  You are certainly not on any kind of a linear musical journey with BLVFF – you are on a sonic keep-it-interesting trip at the hands of skilled musicians.  Bravo to them for that.

You get to the ending and it’s a great riff on the electric guitar to a “what-was-that?” ending.  

Isn’t that what rock is all about?  Pushing boundaries.  Breaking the rules.  Blazing your own trail.

They are defining their own road to rock superstardom.  You’ll want to hear “Want For Nothing”.


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Published by Jeanette Arsenault

Jeanette Arsenault is a singer/songwriter/recording & performing artist/mentor/coach who is now pursuing her new passion for music journalism. She is also currently preparing the foundation for her new business to provide support, consulting and resources to musicians.

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