By Lauryn Donnelly

The indie rock Aberdeen quartet are back yet again with another banger! This is by far their most intense and heaviest single yet, and I cannot get enough of it. Starting off with a hefty drum beat, the bouncy bass and guitar melting in after a few seconds – it’s the kind of start to a song I love, in your face and gets those toe’s tapping.

After some build up, the vocals kick in and brings the whole tune together – sounding effortless. “You’re a live wire honey, and i think I’ve been shocked by you” is the first line of the song that gets it going, the indie rock vocals trances you leaving you wanting to hear more. The full song is full of unreal verses, and a chorus that you want to belt out along with them. With the slight breakdown before the chorus that leads up for a perfect build up of heavy guitar and drums – the vocals come in for a massive chorus, I cannot wait to see this happening live.

The song started off as a riff that the band had made and enjoyed playing about with, Kyle McDonald the lead singer then took the riff and transformed it into a classic indie rock tune that’s going to leave crowds wild and wanting more. This fierce song is packed full of heavy guitar, frenzied vocals and a savage drum beat that i guarantee you’ll have thundering out of your speakers after you hear it. I love this single and i’m sure you will too.

The Capollos have now released some cracking merchandise for the launch of ‘Electrify’ that you will be able to find on their Big Cartel page. The song is available to stream on all major streaming platforms so go get it listened too!


You’ll find The Capollos on all social media:

Instagram: thecapollos

Twitter: @TheCapollos

Facebook: The Capollos

Go show the band some love on their socials and listen to this song, share it to yer pals, yer maw, yer da – just get the shared! Peace n love n stay safe doll’s! Xo

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