SONG REVIEW: Fairweather Friends – Where The River Flows

By Jeanette Arsenault

I needed that.  A calming, soothing song called *Where The River Flows* by Fairweather Friends.  

The world needs more of this right now.  The COVID-19 pandemic scared most of us into various states of anxiety.  Apprehension slowly transitioned into reluctant acceptance and now, gradually, we are poking our noses out of our houses and looking around to see if it’s safe to go back out.  

Peace & serenity- our souls are SO much in need of this right now to balance the chaos of the past 3 months.  And Fairweather Friends delivered that to me tonight with their beautiful song.  

The vocals are perfect for the 70s retro folk style they are aiming for.  I liked the opening with vocals and a piano that sounds like the one we had in our basement when I was young.  The one that no matter how many times it was tuned, still had its own characteristic sound with the occasional twanging string that would reverberate.  

Hearing that particular piano sound on this track made me reminiscent of learning how to play on that old clunker my parents paid $75 for.  But it was mine and I loved it.

Fairweather Friends

Have I mentioned the harmonies yet?  The lush, gorgeous, tight harmonies by Samuel Hawker and Jegan N’Dow are deliciously blended and tightly woven that make you say “WOW!”  It’s remarkable how well they sound together.  Reminds me somewhat of the remarkable harmonies of The Roches, one of my fave groups.

And the addition of the cello was brilliant.  What a beautiful player.  The arrangements throughout the song are glorious, well-produced and balanced.  Love the piano cello duo instrumental.

And loved it even more when the cello joined the spectacular harmonies.  Piano and guitar just right in the mix.  I was carried away in my mind down a lazy river in the peaceful surroundings of a majestic forest.  

We need this indeed.  Find your peace as you get lost in the soothing soundscapes of *Where The River Flows*.



Published by Jeanette Arsenault

Jeanette Arsenault is a singer/songwriter/recording & performing artist/mentor/coach who is now pursuing her new passion for music journalism. She is also currently preparing the foundation for her new business to provide support, consulting and resources to musicians.

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