Single Review – Take The Night: Lost Days

By Myrren Porter

This month, The Music Files were introduced to Geordie duo, Take The Night as they released their debut single ‘Lost Days.’ 

The single which premiers today already has us talking and we are totally obsessed.

As an avid lover of all things 80s, I was instantly attracted to the bands taste for synthpop and retro sounding vibes. The Tyneside band have evolved greatly since parting ways with previous group Bandaged Moon, who spanned two years. 

Unlike previous sounding singles, Take The Night, composed of David Charlton and Tom Homan, ‘Lost Days’ centres itself around electronic synth auras which in turn allow listeners to feel somewhat nostalgic (even if they were born after the 80s). 

It is evident the passion both members have for synth pop music and this is showcased throughout their debut single and although the songs overall sound may be catchy and fuzzy, the lyrics to accompany such melody are deemed as elegant and totally complimentary. 

The overall feel to the song is uplifting and extremely catchy due to the group’s musical talents. 

What I think is admirable is how accessible Take The Night are to wider audiences, appealing to such a broad fanbase can be tricky but these guys have smashed it. 

The lyrics of the track revisits the past and bittersweet memories that often go hand in hand, all played over a melody that is more light hearted and generally funky which is what both David Charlton and Tom Homan set out to achieve. 

‘Lost Days’ is a breath of fresh air, and such an appropriate single for this time of year. The synth pop vibes allow for Take The Night to appeal to fans of the likes of Blossoms while their mature lyrics cater for older audiences making the group a genuine all-rounder.

I am looking forward to see what these guys have up their sleeves for the future and I am dying to see them perform post COVID.  


TWITTER: @TakeTheNight22

INSTAGRAM: @Takethenightband

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