EP REVIEW: Kali – What Comes From Isolation

By Jeanette Arsenault

Kali’s EP *What Comes From Isolation* has an intriguing title that caught my interest.  And further, the fact that it was “recorded in the cupboard under the stairs” according to his Instagram video makes it even more intriguing.  

What kind of sound can you get in a cupboard under the stairs unless it’s soundproofed? And also – isn’t that a rather small space to try to manoeuvre your gear and play your instruments?  Someone should have video’d the making of this EP!

In some ways the EP is like one long song – you hear birds chirping at the start then in each transition from song to song and as the last sound you hear at the end.  All of the songs have the same sonic element and basic same arrangement – vocals, guitar, bit of percussion, harmonies (which I want to talk some more about).

“Under Half a Yellow Sun”

This song is kind of like a Prelude – comes in under a minute and sets up the rest of the EP as to what you can expect to hear.  Lovely & lilting – very well recorded.

“Lonely Is Your Favourite Place To Be”

Laid back feel with nice vocals combined with gorgeous harmonies (who is that singer – such a unique harmonizing style).  Plus the song is very well mixed – they all are.

The line: “too close to the edge” is an interesting harmony moment.  Almost discordant but yet works.

“All your dumb shit will comfort you” – didn’t expect that in the midst of my dreamy state zoning out of the world and carried away by *What Comes Out Of Isolation* LOL

Nice effect to repeat – “going through hell, just keep on going”

“Big Shark Smile” 

Did he double up his voice to fatten it?  Interesting effect & it works for this song.  This one has more of a beat to it – the kind of song you find yourself bobbing your head back and forth to.  I can see this as the crowd-pleasing song of this EP.

“Watch The Paint Dry”

This song fits nicely in the set of songs – same sonic sound, arrangements, strong vocals, lovely harmonies – did I just hear him cup his hand over his mouth to make that “pop” percussion sound? Works!

“If everyone is someone

Then someone must be no one

If everyone got’s something

Then something must be nothing”

“D’wanna come over & kill some time

Sit on the sofa be side by side

D’wanna come over and kill some time

Sit on the sofa watch the paint dry”

Clever lyrics.

“Spring Brings the Blues” – 

Now I just couldn’t get enough of the truly amazing harmonies on this song.  Had to rewind, rewind and rewind again. Gorgeously recorded too.

“I will always be hanging around”

“I will never let you down”

Can’t get enough of those harmonies – mmmm mmm.  Have a listen for yourself.


INSTAGRAM @Kali__Music (note:  double underscore)

Published by Jeanette Arsenault

Jeanette Arsenault is a singer/songwriter/recording & performing artist/mentor/coach who is now pursuing her new passion for music journalism. She is also currently preparing the foundation for her new business to provide support, consulting and resources to musicians. www.JeanetteArsenault.ca

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