SINGLE REVIEW: Scarlett Randle – Blue

By Jason Small

Within a short timeframe, Scarlett Randle has emerged as one of the most strikingly fabulous faces in the Glaswegian music scene, and after reaching great and grand new heights in 2019 with the chillingly good single Her, Scarlett has come forth with another addition to the library, Blue, headed by sublime cover artwork courtesy of Teresa Ferreiro.

Unlike the aforementioned last song, Scarlett’s vocals aren’t as shrouded in a dreamy mist, being more present and crystal clear, but it’s through this that you realise; if, for whatever reason, you had any doubts about that beforehand; that her voice carries such a sparkling finesse that is able to generate a magnetic atmosphere alone without the need for bells and whistles.

The graceful tenderness of her singing does so much to emphasise the beautiful lyrics which are flat out oozing warmth, love, and comfort, and it’s reflected so masterfully in the rich, hypnotic soundscape.

Blue is another excellent notch, and I’m sure I’ve said this before but it bears repeating, but while charismatically dynamite on surface level, it’s a legitimate knack for heartfelt penning and performing that makes Scarlett Randle a standout, special presence in the midst of a jam-packed scene.

FACEBOOK: scarlettrandlemusic

TWITTER: @scarlett_randle

INSTAGRAM: scarlettrandle

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