Lauryn’s Lockdown Top 20

Welcome back to The Music Files Top 20 lockdown tunes! This week it is my turn to show you lovely people what I’ve had on repeat since lockdown started. The playlist consists of some 50’s, 60’s, some classics and some new belter’s that have been released by some local bands that i cant get enough of, its quite the mix. So get it on loud and have a groove about, its the only thing that’s keeping me (somewhat) sane during this lockdown! Enjoy!

You’ll probably see there’s 23 tunes I’ve picked, having to narrow it down to 20 was some task so 23 will have to do! Lets start with chatting about a song by Logan’s Close called ‘Worked A Treat’ (live at Leith Theatre) that made it on the playlist. This band are something else, with their 50’s influence and harmonising vocals that’s hypnotic to listen too – i fell in love with them the first time i heard them, and listen to them every single day. Me and my dad went to see them at their Leith Theatre gig in December 2019, playing in the ‘Pianodrome’ (google pictures of it if you’ve never heard of it, its unbelievable) in the centre of the audience, with the audience sat on seats surrounding the band made out of old piano’s it was a very different gig experience, an experience that i wish i could do over again and will never forget . ‘Worked A Treat’ got played by the band that night and i was hooked instantly, always the song i play when i need hyped up. Class stuff and top guys.

Lets move on to another song i have picked and why. ‘Move Over’ by Janis Joplin is always one of the songs i go to put on before a night out to get my self feeling ready to rock n’ roll. Plus its Janis Joplin? One of the coolest female artists ever. Hippie feels with passionate sassy vocals and a belter of a drum beat that makes you want to groove about, its the perfect tune for when you need a hit of motivation, and for when you want to dance about your room like a big dafty. It’s perfect.

The last song i’ll be talking about is ‘Twisted Animator’ by Two Tone Television. This tune came out at the start of April, and it’s been on the top spot of my ‘on repeat’ playlist that Spotify makes since the song came out – so i think that’s saying something. Honestly don’t think i’ll dislike any song that this band comes out with, one of those bands you need to play really loud. Cannot wait to hear this one live when lockdowns over. Also the band have a new song coming out on July 3rd so be sure to treat yer lovely wee ears to it when it comes out! Now get them listened too!

Cheers for reading this wee article, hope you enjoy the playlist as much as i do. Make sure to check out the bands and give them some loving on their socials. Peace n love, n stay safe doll’s! Xo

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