Single Review: Darwin – Dance Alone

By Orla Brady

California-based synth-pop artist Darwin Meiners has released his new single Dance Alone.

The track firmly proves that Darwin’s talents as a solo artist must be recognised outside his role as manager to Bauhaus and Love and Rockets member David J.

Darwin’s solo career has seen him collaborate with the likes of David J himself, Victor DeLorenzo of Violent Femmes, Brian Liesegang of rock band Filter as well as music producer and musician Kerry Brown.

Dance Alone also features notable input from some acclaimed artists. It was produced and mixed by Julian Shah-Tayler, otherwise known as The Singularity, who worked on films such as Maleficent (2014) and Plush (2013). The song was also mastered by American record producer Robert Margouleff, who has worked alongside artists such as Stevie Wonder, Bobby Womack and Devo.

The combination of Darwin’s musical ability and the creative expertise of Shah-Tayler and Margouleff, has resulted in song which is reminiscent of post-punk synth-pop but maintains a contemporary style.

Dance Alone features an infectious chorus, which will undoubtedly stick in the memory of all listeners. Flowing beneath Meiners’ smooth vocals are waves of synth riffs and chords, which are held together with tight and prominent percussion.  

It is a song that ought to be played on repeat, as it seems to only get better after each listen and it will certainly be heard best through blaring speakers in a club or bar, or through a live performance from Darwin himself.

Have a listen to the track here



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