By Jason Small

Quite recently, I was introduced to 19 year old London-based R&B artist Yazmine MB, and while I had no prior knowledge of her and even though she wasn’t amassing the biggest social media following as of yet, it immediately clicked that there was some serious potential happening here when I gave her debut single I Do a spin.

Yazmine comes equipped with an amazing voice which is very fluent; her being able to flow across a widespread range with little effort; and emits this binding effect that just has you totally gripped and invested, going efficiently hand-in-hand with the lovely instrumentation.

Even through her softer vocal tones, she is able to really convey a directness and subtle sense of futile distress that perfectly ties into the themes of romantic regret and hopelessness which are persistent in the captivating writing. All these combined elements make for what is overall an astonishingly marvellous track.

It would be dead easy to say I’m impressed at Yamzine for how she is so musically adept for somebody her age, ranking beyond her years, but it really isn’t all that surprising given that she has essentially trained herself for 15 years, starting back before she was even old enough for school, and if she’s remained consistently committed on such a level for that long and continues to strive as such, then I couldn’t disagree to the prospect of her having a bright future.

FACEBOOK: yazminembmusic

TWITTER: @yazmine_mb

INSTAGRAM: yazminemb

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