Alex Ohm releases heartfelt track ‘Hours’ in aid of mental health charity – MIND

We all suffer from low points in life with our own mental states at one point or another – some more than others. Periods of self illusion lost within our own negative thoughts, feeling alone and distanced from those who care – self assuming that no one does. The biggest obstacle though is with how we each deal with it. Some people turn to exercise, some talk it out, some people find solace within music and various other things. But for some it’s not as straight forward and they bottle up their emotions – something I myself, admittedly, am guilty of from time to time.

Mental health issues have been on the up in recent years – and the number of suicides has sky rocketed all around the country and beyond. I happen to stay in an area (North Lanarkshire) that has one of the highest percentages of suicide in the whole of the UK and have been unfortunate to lose friends to the illness. The devastation and heartache that it leaves behind is hard to comprehend, let alone put into words. It’s a feeling that is still very raw for myself.

It is not the answer! Help is out there. There are a number of great organisations out there who can offer various methods of help and support. One of those organisations is mental health charity MIND to whom the proceeds from West Midlands artist Alex Ohm‘s latest track ‘Hours’ are going to.

Prior to hearing this track I had never heard of Alex nor his music – but I can definitely say that I will be keeping tabs on this crafty songwriter from here on out. ‘Hours’ taps into those lonesome moments we share with our own minds and really offers a point of realisation to it’s listeners on the fact that they are not the only one’s suffering – which in itself could prove as a form of relief for some. The Englishman shows great musicianship and a knack for penning a great tune. “I got a feeling, I’m not alone in thinking, I’m alone” is the one line which stands out with poignancy and will leave you thinking about it long after the track has finished. With a catchy chorus and a subtle calming riff alongside it you will find yourself with this one on repeat and will be singing along in no time.

Check out the lyric video for the track below..

If you wish to show your support in helping raise funds for MIND you can do so on the following link.

Or alternatively, purchase the track on apple music which will also help generate funding.

Also attached is the link to MINDs website for anyone who may like to take a look and/or contact them –

TWITTER: @AlexOhmmusic

INSTAGRAM: @alexohm

FACEBOOK: @AlexOhmmusic

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