Single Review: Travis | A Ghost

By Ryan McConnell

As the saying goes – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – which serves as the perfect adage when it comes to talking about one of Scotland’s finest products – Travis. The years pass by and times change as they go – but the one constant you can be assured of is Glasgow’s favourite sons returning with an air of familiarity and freshness in their music.

21 years on from the release of their number one record ‘The Man Who’ the band return with their 9th studio album ‘10 songs’ and the unmistakable sound that defines them. The blueprint is still intact – and to be honest, who would ever want it to change? Having being brought up around the groups music for most of my life, it is refreshing to hear that they are still at the top of their game – and that alone is something that should be treasured.

Ahead of the release of their latest single ‘A Ghost’ the band had posted a series of cryptic pictures showing a ghost as such placed in different settings – much the to the excitement of their followers. Capturing that feeling of melancholy and delivering an uplifting message alongside it is something that has seemed to come as second nature to Travis in their songwriting with hits such as ‘Turn’ – and this track is no different. With their signature up-tempo acoustics alongside the addition of a piano it’s hard to not find yourself tapping your foot along to this one. “It’s easier to be alive, than hide under your pillow, while your life is passing you by, so live your life..” is the message from front man – Fran Healy – and his ever calming tones. A welcomed return!

Check out the video for the track below..

TWITTER: @TravisBand

INSTAGRAM: @travistheband


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