Single Review: New Mode | Victim to the Culture

Elgin’s finest – New Mode are back with their latest fast paced and in your face single ‘Victim to the Culture’. The indie four piece are going from strength to strength with each new release and are beginning to build a fine body of work going forwards in their quest to break through in the industry – and this track may well just be their finest yet.

Written off the back of a trip to America’s deep south to the likes of New Orleans and Nashville – which are famed for their musical heritage – the song came together on band members Ross and Aaron’s return and being hit with the sudden realities of life back home away from the magic and wonder of places like Memphis. Front man Ross Campbell said “When you go to places like that it’s such a breath of fresh air, a new burst and it totally overwhelms you. You can’t take it all in” in a recent interview with ‘Grampian online’.

Proving as a great inspiration – the lads have put together a track that instantly grabs your attention with it’s big room sound, blistering pace and in your face delivery through lead singer Ross’ killer vocals. The break down in the song sets up the chorus perfectly to be a sure fire pandemonium starter on the dancefloor – these boys are putting Elgin on the map. Think Hard-Fi with the vigour of The Sherlocks.

Keep up to date with the band on the following..

TWITTER: @Newmode_

INSTAGRAM: @_newmode_


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