Single Review: Matt Boylan-Smith – We Dream of River Songs

By Chelsea Ness

We discover music from all parts of the world due to the impressive power of social media and that’s exactly how I came across Australian award-winning multi-instrumentalist, Matt Boylan-Smith and his latest single, We Dream of River Songs.

Funny story actually… I first discovered Matt when he tagged The Music Files blog in a post thanking us for our review even though we hadn’t actually reviewed his track… I contacted him to query it and it turns out there’s another Music Files blog over in Australia! Curiosity got the better of me and after reading their review of the song, I had a listen to We Dream of River Songs. After listening to the single endlessly that day, I just knew I had to share this incredibly beautiful track with you all.

Right from the start, the fluttering piano keys and fascinating lyrics takes listeners on this special journey where the ballad includes an intriguing beginning, an exciting middle and a gripping ending that is all pulled together with inspiring, colourful melodies that are displayed throughout.

The simplicity of the intro eases listeners into the track at first instance with the graceful piano notes colliding perfectly with the sensational power in Matt’s vocals creating this magical atmosphere for the listener. After about a minute of this fascinating intro, a wave of instruments including the sensuous sounds of a violin and distant drum beats emerge to creates this incredible moving aura within the music.

Towards the middle of We Dream of River Songs comes this dramatic climax in which the music flows into a gigantic crescendo that really makes listeners feel empowered. For me, the song gives us hope. Although it’s not fully clear, it would suggest the song is about re-kindling a past relationship which would explain the raw emotion displayed throughout. It’s the type of track that really makes you really feel something.

The lyrics: ‘Give me a little while, a little time to find the little memories tattooed all inside my mind… reminds me of when you were mine‘ suggests the persona is reminiscing about past times with someone who he still cares for. I honestly think this track would be the perfect influence for a Hollywood film. With the sparkling piano notes, the mesmerising lyrics and the unique blend of instruments, I mean this song belongs to a movie soundtrack!

We Dream of River Songs concludes with a final chorus which really displays a sense of passion within Matt’s impressive vocal range. It’s not only the strong vocals that contribute to this incredibly touching track but the variety of different instruments that are played throughout as well. It highlights the uniqueness within Matt’s style of music. It’s so important for a musician to have a certain spark that makes you stand out and after listening to We Dream of River Songs, Matt certainly has it.





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