SINGLE REVIEW: Carla J Easton – Get Lost

By Jason Small

Before the summer of 2018, I had little knowledge of Carluke musician Carla Easton, save for briefly dabbling in TeenCanteen, but when Olive Grove Records provided me with an advance copy of her full-length album Impossible Stuff to review, it blew me sideaways and back again. A work of art that would eventually be my top pick of that year.

2019 would see a considerable radio silence from Carla, but fast forward to 2020, and she would reveal to us that a new record was on the way set for this August, and our first taster comes in the form of the single, Get Lost.

Beforehand, she did make it clear that she would be undertaking a vastly different direction here compared to Impossible Stuff, but with that said, she did display a fair amount of variety on that album anyway, so her statement could only mean so much.

What we are presented with here is something utterly wonderful. The track is bright, vivid, and colourful, bursting with an astounding energy which sparks this rush of joy that plasters a smile on your face and digs at an inner appetite to dance carefree.

The electronic synths are as equally lush as they are magnificent, and the sound in general is just grand, and you can thank producer SAW in that regard. This style of music is his specialty, and he delivers for sure one of his greatest mixing jobs yet.

As for Carla and her singing, she nails it. Never before has she expelled so much passion to this degree. You can tell that she is infectiously enthusiastic, and her range is also particularly broad.

In all my time spent listening to Carla, it wasn’t until now that it clicked with me that she has a similar vocal vibe and capacity to the iconic Kylie Minogue; in fact, this song as a whole wouldn’t have seemed out of place in Kylie’s prime-era catalog.

Capped off by endearing lyrics – especially the key hook line “and we get there, we get there” – and a glamourous chorus, Get Lost is a sensationally dazzling pop number which serves as the perfect way to kick off the journey to the next album.

FACEBOOK: carla.j.easton

TWITTER: CarlaJEaston

INSTAGRAM: carla.j.easton

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