Meet the Musician – Lou Adams

Who? Indie/Rock singer songwriter from Middlesbrough, Lou Adams

Genre? Indie rock

For fans of? Dylan John Thomas, Declan McKenna, Noel Gallagher

Why are we diggin him? Lou creates the type of music that just clicks with listeners … his natural songwriting talent demonstrates such an easy listening vibe within his music that just automatically brings a smile to your face. He reminds me of a young Noel Gallagher…if you haven’t heard of Lou Adams before, you soon will!

Favourite track? Released at the end of March, Once in a Lifetime reminds me a lot of Oasis with Lou’s own individual style also shining through. It’s conveys a darker side previous releases which shows that Lou isn’t afraid to experiment with new styles within his music. The track flows smoothly throughout with the musician’s vocals blending perfectly with the addictive drum beats and addictive guitar riffs. It was the first track I heard from Lou which certainly left an impression on me…

Favourite lyrics? ‘Daisy’ – ‘I try to talk to you but you never seem to let me in, I try to make you change your mind but your moaning at me all the time’

Gig and Career Highlights as told by Lou: I started playing music when I was around age 11, learning how to play guitar.  I grew up listening to all kinds of music mainly being influenced by people such as Jimi Hendrix as well as bands like Oasis and Red Hot Chili Peppers. and started out playing in a blues band up in Teesside but eventually moved to London aged 18, to try and seek a career as a musician. Over the last 7 years, I’ve played in various little pockets of the UK and have been fortunate enough to perform on some great stages. Highlights such as a 9pm slot behind Rick Ashley at Camp Bestival in 2018 and a opening slot at BST Hyde Park festival on the same day as Kings Of Leon were definitely incredible experiences! If I were to describe my music, I’d like to think of it as gritty, indie bangers with working class lyrics, as well as some catchy pop hooks. I’ve been relentlessly releasing music since my first release as a solo artist in July last year and can’t wait to share more over the next year!





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