Socially Distant Spins with Sarah-Louise Kelly (SLK Digital)

This week, we caught up with SLK Digital’s very own Sarah-Louise Kelly to find out what albums she’s been listening to on repeat throughout lockdown. SLK Digital focuses on helping local businesses and individuals with their digital marketing, copywriting Skills and lots more! Find out what Sarah-Louise’s top lockdown albums are below...

Throughout all of this, I’ve really yo-yo’d with emotions and I think aside from my writing, it’s most evident in the music I’ve been playing on loop. On some days, I realise I’ll probably never get the chance to spend this much time at home and I make the most of it with books, comfort, and gratitude. On other days, the weight of it all hits me and I’m mostly furious and feeling hopeless. I think all of this is fine. I don’t think there’s a wrong way to feel in these circumstances.

Fortunately, music is and always has been the best accompaniment to emotional struggles so here’s my top five albums in lockdown:

Album 1 : A Brief Enquiry into Online Relationships – The 1975 

Why did it make the list? The 1975 are my sister’s favourite band and our tastes are usually quite different when it comes to music so I, much to my shame, wrote them off. This album brought me round. It has a similar vividly swaying between tones that I have been experiencing but at its heart, it feels Incredibly human. It’s desperate, it’s vulnerable, it’s beautiful and at times, it’s plain angry. It’s a gorgeous album and being able to bond with my sister over it when I don’t know the next time that I’ll see her has made it that wee bit more special. 

Favourite track: Sincerity Is Scary

Album 2: Trip – Jhene Aiko 

Why did it make the list? This album is such a perfect form of escapism. I’ve been turning to it since it came out. Trip feels like falling in love, every song dreamlike in its own way. Despite this, it isn’t a gentle listen. Jhene wrote this during a period of intense grief and Trip explores the drug-induced survival mode she entered. It’s an album of self-discovery, of hope, of mourning and ultimately, it’s a gift from her. It’s 90 minutes long which I’d usually find a little daunting but, in fact, I can’t seem to turn it off. It’s intense in the gentlest way which is the perfect blend right now. 

Favourite track: Jukai

Album 3: Remind Me Tomorrow – Sharon Van Etten

Why did it make the list? Everyone loves this album, right? It’s Sharon Van Etten, you don’t need me to tell you why it’s good. One thing it has, though, that I’ve been feeling a lot recently is a nostalgia for a time that’s gone. A rose-coloured glass view of the world with hints of Springsteen-esque passion. I miss the world before now so much. I miss concerts, I miss hugging my friends, I miss the city I live in and I ache for it in the way you ache for things you know were unhealthy. This is especially prevalent in Comeback Kid. A catchy, 80s vibe song that feels like the summer we won’t be having.

Favourite track: Comeback Kid

Album 4: Darwin Deez (10 Yearz)

Why did it make the list? Darwin Deez is becoming The One that Got Away for me. The last time he played a show here, I’d gone on an ill-advised trip to Latvia and this time, it was of course rescheduled. Now, I know that this isn’t the worst of it all. I know that and I appreciate it. But it was still sad. I was excited for a night of dancing with my friends and my ticket was a 30th birthday gift so it felt a little more special. As it happens, it’s been rescheduled to right after the friend who got me it’s 30th so we’ll be celebrating both in a weird way. This album is delightful! This album has a kind of magic to it. A little tired, a little madly in love, a little bitter and always with embers of sweet harmonies. I always turn to this album and now it’s the soundtrack to thinking about days ahead.  

Favourite track: Radar Detector

Album 5: It Won’t Be Like This All the Time – The Twilight Sad 

Why did it make the list? The Twilight Sad are another act I associate with my friends. Last year, we cried together, hugging in Bellahouston park and 4 months later, cried together hugging in Usher Hall over them. There will always be a bittersweet tinge to their music and the way it seals the bond between us all but I am so grateful for it, especially now. This album is arguably THE lockdown album for me. It is dark, it is vulnerable but in a lot of ways, it’s hopeful. The title says it all. It won’t be like this all the time but I’m glad this album is here while it is.

Favourite track: Vtr


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