SINGLE REVIEW: Peplo – Katarina’s Got My Tongue

By Jason Small

In the summer of 2019, the Good Boy Punk Club gave me the opportunity to discover Glaswegian alternative pop group Peplo, and after one mighty fine live display at The Old Hairdressers, that was me hooked.

Earlier this year, the band made a newsworthy impression with their debut single Tall, and are hoping to recapturing that same praise and attention with the follow-up, Katarina’s Got My Tongue.

It doesn’t take long for them to spark this wonderfully upbeat vibe, from there delivering a pleasingly melodic tune that comes complete with lovely vocals, an engaging rhythm and an utterly addictive chorus that refuses to get out of the head, plus which also stood out to me were spots of heavier riffs here and there which help to give it that added edge.

While the performances are undoubtedly on strong form, it does suffer from a couple of minor technical issues. The mixing is a little inconsistent at times meaning that Cit’s singing can often be drowned out by the instruments, and the reverb could have been reeled back likewise.

Productive naggings aside, this is otherwise another delightful notch for Peplo, making them two for two in quality releases. I’m already chomping at the bit for what’s to come next, and it’d be ideal to even see them tackle the recording of an EP sooner than later once the ongoing chaos in the world has waned.


TWITTER: @PeploMusic

INSTAGRAM: peplomusic

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