Meet the Bands: The Crooks

WHO? The Crooks are a 5 piece band from Derbyshire consisting of Jacko, Chris Stones, Duncan Couch, Conor Fletcher and Jonathan Keeler. The band who are managed by Foundry Music have also just landed their own record deal with Global Robot Records.

GENRE? Indie rock

FOR FANS OF? Oasis and DMA’s


FAVOURITE LYRICS? “It’s pretty bad this life, but I will love you everyday that passes by”

WHY ARE WE DIGGIN THEM? Just last year I discovered The Crooks after being told to listen to them, “they will be massive”. When I first heard The Crooks it was the single ‘Nevermind’ right away I liked their sound. Reminding me of early Oasis. I could see what the fuss was about and It got added to my playlist. I fell in love with the band, they announced a tour and I missed out on tickets that’s heartbreak right there.


The Crooks have a dedicated following and it shows, with previous tour dates selling out quite quick. Like most the band have not been able to get out due to the recent pandemic. This hasn’t stopped The Crooks getting new music out there. Releasing their latest single ‘In Time’ following on from previous singles ‘She Walks Alone and other latest release ‘Silhouette Sunshine’. ‘In Time’ is another top track from the band with lyrics “Would you change what you have done? or just move on?”

The Cooks have also been providing followers with live acoustics and continuing to make their presence known and have came up with the great initiative of Sing for Carers taking over from Clap for Carers which has stopped this instead focusing on bands/artists providing performances to show their appreciation to the key workers out there. The band are keen to get more involved in this initiative and more can be found on the hashtag #sing4carers and The Crooks twitter page.

Links to The Crooks social media

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