SINGLE REVIEW: North Atlas – Hypnotist

By Rebecca McPhee

North Atlas is a Glasgow based Trio who have been making waves in the alternative rock world with previous singles promoted by the likes of Planet Rock, Kerrang! Radio and BBC Introducing. The band is made up of brothers Leon D Hunter on Vocals, Cam Hunter on Drums and childhood friend Liam (Rusty) Russell on Guitar. The band released their latest single ‘Hypnotist’ on the 1st of May along with an very intriguing music video that works so well and complements the new single.

I am absolutely in love with this new North Atlas song… it starts with a loud and dark beat that grabs your attention and from that moment the band does everything to insure your focus stays on the song from start to finish, like hypnosis which relates back to the messages and name of the song.

‘Hypnotist’ really gives us a perspective of what some people go through that have anxiety, the ups and downs and chaos it can cause. The band have done an amazing job of reflecting this message throughout the song with its melody and and hard hitting lyrics like “Round and round our rubik’s mind build it up or brake it to peaces” and the catchy chorus “Are we out of our minds, Are we hypnotized”  

The band have re-released a striped back acoustic version of the song that they recorded in isolation due to the covid-19 pandemic “we wanted to flip the song on its head and look at it from a different angle, Sonically”  they have also released a new line of merch and are donating the profits to the charity ‘Save our Venues’ which is working with artists to save music venues around the UK – check it out here

Spotify –



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