Socially Distant Spins with Katie McBride, PPG Promotions & The 1925 Club

This week, we caught up with PPG Promotions’ very own Katie McBride where we chat about her favoutite lockdown albums. Katie also works at The 1925 Club, a phenomenal venue for upcoming bands and musicians in the local scene!

Album 1: Arctic Monkeys – AM

Why did it make the list? I’ve loved Arctic Monkeys ever since I was 16 and first heard ‘I bet you look good on the dance floor’ on my boyfriend’s car radio for the first time and asking ‘who are they?’ They’ve grown with me through my late teens and 20’s and the evolution of their sound has been fantastic. Anytime I feel I need to be reminiscent or just be in my happy place I stick them on and it still feels as fresh as listening to them for the first time. AM is my favourite album in the whole world. I anticipated their new album for what felt like an age when AM was due release and fell for it from the moment I got hold of it.

Favourite Track: ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ has to be my go to track. The original poem by John Cooper Clark is framed on my wall and the fact it was adapted into a song by my favourite band makes it even more special to me.

Album 2: The Verve – Urban Hymns.

Why did it make the list? My Step-Dad bought me this for Christmas when I was about 11 or 12 and really starting to get into music. He is a big Verve/Ashcroft fan and he had me hooked on them whether I liked it or not. It’s never aged and the songs are loved and familiar to people older than me and people that were barely born when it was released. The album to me has a feeling of home. I associate it with being in my childhood bedroom and safety I suppose which is probably why it’s been so prominent in my listening just now.

Favourite Track: ‘Lucky Man’. I remember it being featured on one of my cheesy teenage chick flicks ‘the girl next door’ which just makes it even more lovable to younger me.

Album 3: The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

Why did it make the list? I honestly think for Roses fans this album speaks for itself. It was released the year I was born and it’s still as relevant today. It makes me think of sunny days, beer gardens, cold pints and getting psyched up with my friends for a mad one. It’s one of those ones that everyone knows the words to and everyone loves it for their own reasons. I have great memories of a bus of us travelling through to see them from Fife at Hampden and someone putting them on in a Glasgow pub before it and the bus full of us singing our heads off – the place was bouncing. I can’t wait to have those days again – God, I miss gigs.

Favourite Track: The best song off this album for me is ‘Elephant Stone’ which I think was only on the American release of the album. There’s a YouTube video of a young Stone Roses singing this – terrible quality but the song just makes me buzzing and want to party!

Album 4: The Commitments – The Commitments

Why did it make the list? My favourite film – ask all my friends and I DO NOT do musicals. This is the most un-musical musical you can get and the soundtrack is just superb. Know that feeling when you’re cosied up in bed, content and chilled and stick on a film to cheer yourself up? Well that’s mine. So listening to the songs from it while we’re cooped up inside is as good as I can get to content just now. Most of the songs are covers but they’re so well done and Andrew Strong’s voice is unreal so does them all justice.

Favourite Track: My favourite song from this album has to be ‘Bring it on Home to Me’ – Sam Cooke will always be the don, it’s his song after all but Robert Arkin’s cover for the film to me is just as good. My best friend an I both adore this song – it’s our song and we spend many a night wine drunk in her kitchen swaying about to it until we get told to go to bed and stop embarrassing ourselves….

Album 5: The View – Bread and Circuses

Why did it make the list? The View… the band that I’ve seen a million times and would see a million more. The view to me are my teenage years, gigs – house parties – playing songs off your Sony Ericsson, first nights in different cities, student nights. Total love for them. Bread and circuses was released not long after I had had my first daughter. I was only 21 and I was free to go safely and enjoy gigs and have nice warm pint in a plastic glass again after a hiatus. I remember when this came out blasting it in our first flat while doing the housework and my wee one bouncing about to it in her jumparoo. Things were different than before but the love I had for music never changed. My daughter is now nearly 10 and absolutely loves The View as much as me… in times like this family are everything and having something we can all agree on whilst stuck in the house is a god send and thankfully for me it’s music.

Favourite Track: My favourite song is ‘Happy’ – quite straightforwardly the reason is, it makes me happy. The music in it just puts a smile right on my face.


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