Meet the Bands: The Statler Project

WHO? Bob Speirs on the vocals, synth and percussion, Stewart Tess on bass, Robert Parkhill on lead guitar, Colin Livingston on the Rhythm guitar and synth and Angemy Mota on the drums all make up Glaswegian band, The Statler Project.

GENRE? Electronic Funk

FOR FANS OF: Beta Waves, Public Service Broadcasting and Chemical Brothers

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE TRACK: Process. This track would just be sensational at a festival … the ideal track to get everyone hyped. It’s the lyrics in particular that really stand out for me – it’s more statements than anything else totally leaving listeners in a trance. Process is the type of song you only need to hear the once for it to leave an impact on you… I’ll certainly be making a point to go see them when gigs return and boy what a gig it will be!

WHY ARE WE DIGGIN THEM? They produce catchy electronic synths alongside heavy funk fusions displayed throughout their tracks. The Statler Project create this individual sound that make them stand out from the crowd. They are the type of band that you need to see in a live setting to fully appreciate their quality. A band that really brings an entirely new sound to the music scene…

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE LYRICS: ‘It’s all about the tunes, hands up who appreciate?’ (Superiority Complex)

GIG AND CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: The band have been around for nearly 10 years and in that time have played numerous of festivals and some unforgettable gigs including Stereo supporting Dub Pistols on their British tour, King Tuts, PJ Molloys supporting Oskar Braves and their last double A side single in which they sold out Stereo. It’s also vital to mention that The Statler Project write, record and produce all there own material from there own studio in Glasgow clearly showing their range of talent and how much work they put into the band!





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