Single Review: RIVIA – Down and Out

by Chelsea Ness

With lockdown putting a halt to live music over the last few months, it’s the latest music that is keeping our spirits high during the pandemic! Liverpool Alternative rock piece, Rivia brought out their latest single, Down and Out last week showing fans just how much they’ve got to give. This was my first time listening to Rivia but after hearing Down and Out, it certainly won’t be my last!

Right from the get-go the heavy blend of guitar riffs followed by the strong lead vocals creates a powerful energy that flows perfectly throughout the track. Their fresh rockier dynamic is exactly what is needed within the UK music scene and Down and Out really highlights the potential in what the band have to offer.

It’s not just their edgy style that attracts fans though, Rivia write the music that actually has a purpose and can inspire younger musicians started out in the industry. Down and Out focuses on the failing education system that is a clear issue within our society today. The track displays the frustration of being a young musician and still in education. The band explained that they were constantly receiving negative comments about wanting to pursue music as a career. What kind of message are we sending out to the younger generation who have a passion and talent for music?! Yes, it’s a difficult industry to get into but that shouldn’t stop schools from disregarding music as a career altogether. It’s clear there should be more encouragement in schools in relation to music and Down and Out demonstrates this exceptionally well.

The lyrics ‘Why don’t you wake up, see what we’re made of… don’t you wanna know who we can be?‘ continue the demand for change within the education system. The track’s main message relates to the schools allowing students to use their creative side as such skills will help them in the long run regardless their career path. Rivia‘s own creativity is displayed incredibly well throughout the track with the track’s strong bass line and thrilling drum beat, it will inevitably leave fans wanting more…

Down and Out shows the professionalism and quality with Rivia’s songwriting talents that a lot of bands find difficult to achieve. It’s clear these guys are going places…




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