Spotify Playlist: Writer’s Recommendations with Fiona Henderson

We’ve been truly fortunate to have new music releases during a time where resources and access is so limited. Those working in the music sector have had their worlds turn upside down during this pandemic and have continued to work so hard so that we, as fans can enjoy their content.

I’ve curated a mixed playlist of some of my top listened to new releases and some oldie goodies. The playlist is a total mix of heavy riffs and punk anthems, as well as mellow electronic and dreamy psychedelic. I have to admit (and all of my friends will vouch for this) but I’m the person who can never listen to a song the full way through. I constantly skip because I get so excited to listen to the next song! However, when it comes to this playlist, these are songs I could listen to on repeat all day everyday. I’ve given a brief overview of my top 3 and why I can’t stop listening.

I Follow Rivers Marika Hackman

Marika Hackmans music was introduced to me after watching a livestream by Amelia from The Ninth Wave. She did a beautiful cover of Deep Green by Marika Hackman. My boyfriend asked if I knew the song, which I didn’t, and he suggested we listen to the album. We spent the rest of the night totally obsessing over her music and I couldn’t quite believe when I came across this song. I Follow Rivers is originally by Lykke Li, which I had heard years ago and loved, so Marika’s cover was instantly recognisable. The song is just so eerie and captivating, with the layered harmonies in the chorus, paired with the very basic instrumental. This for me has been the perfect mellow and relaxing music I’ve been listening to whilst finish off any uni work or just plodding around the flat. If you haven’t already, definitely give Marika a listen.

Something About Us. – Andrew Bates

This is a song that you just know, if it came on in a club or at pre’s before a night out, absolutely everyone would be up dancing. I’m lucky enough to attend Uni with Andrew but I also have the pleasure of calling him my friend. When Something About Us. was released, I couldn’t comprehend that Andrew had recorded, produced and mastered the song himself. He is truly one of the most talented people I know and this song has just solidified that fact. Something About Us. is the kind of song you listen to once and it’s in your head for the rest of the day. It’s catchy and upbeat and mixes so well with the soft vocal melody. There’s a reason this song is in my 3 top most listened to songs during lockdown.

The Wind and the Rain – Cheap Teeth

Cheap Teeth have been my favourite find of 2020. I was first introduced to them by my boyfriend, who was just casually listening to them around the flat. I remember being so intrigued by the vocals and asking who they were. Cheap Teeth embody this new wave of grisly punk with vocals like I’ve never heard. Add that with catchy punk riffs and the result is just heaven. They are first on my list as a band I’m dying to see post-lockdown.

I hope you there’s someone’s ‘new find’ in here somewhere and that everyone is staying safe during this scary time.

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