SINGLE REVIEW: DMS – Ordinary Strange

by Jason Small

While they had been together beforehand, 2019 was truly the breakthrough rookie year for Edinburgh pop-tinged rock outfit DMS, with much of that owing to the release of their fabulous debut EP – Imposter Syndrome – which deservedly earned a positive reception and bagged them a spot on THE SMS 100 over on Small Music Scene, edited by yours truly.

Since then, I’ve been sitting in anticipation for whatever was going to come next, and in spite of the ongoing global situation which needs no introduction, they have brought us a new single entitled Ordinary Strange.

Within seconds of starting, I’m quick to notice that there’s a radically different mood and atmosphere compared to their previous outings, drawing me in with these tenderly hazy acoustics and John’s potently emotional harmonies.

The lyrics are raw and captivating, and while never originally intended for what’s going on with the world just now, the words connect so eerily well in relation to the current unnerving climate.

With the first half being calm and gentle, they gradually ease up and suddenly unleash into an awe-inspiringly cinematic second part, complete with thumping beats, smooth keys and this absorbing, wide-scale synth-based sound.

Thanks to this resonant, maturely penned track, these five have proven to be no flash in the pan. As of this point, they mean business, and anybody with a functioning brain will be sure to join in on the bandwagon now.

FACEBOOK: dmsscotland

TWITTER: @dmstweetz

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