Single Review: Dancing on Tables – Losing It

By Chelsea Ness

Dunfermline’s own five piece pop rock outfit, Dancing on Tables are without a doubt one of the key players within the Scottish music scene today and their latest single, ‘Losing It’ certainly proves they’re only going to get bigger and bigger.

Right from the get-go, the quirky rhythmic guitar, electronic synths and catchy melodies create this explosion of indie feel good pop that that we all know and love. I challenge you to listen to ‘Losing it’ without moving along to the vibrant beat cause it’s impossible. The bright, radiant style that flutters throughout the track makes it the perfect summer anthem. Picture it now… out in the garden with a nice cold beer and Losing It playing full blast through the speakers… utter bliss!

Although the track will inevitably put a smile on your face, the meaning behind ‘Losing It‘ conveys a sadder message. The lyrics such as, ‘I’m going off the rails right now‘ and ‘Gotta get this getting over you over with‘ suggest the persona is going through a break-up creating more of a personal touch for listeners. Trying to get over someone is never easy and Losing It certainly displays the erratic spirals we all go through during break-ups. The hardest part for many break-ups is not being able to have the person that you are used to relying on anymore that Dancing on Tables capture incredibly well throughout Losing It.

We recently caught up with Dancing on Tables prior to the release of Losing It (you can have a read of the full interview HERE) where they explained although initially the track was based on a break-up, they also stated that, ‘it applies to a lot of people in the current situation. People are being forced to stay away from loved ones, thrown into a completely unknown and challenging environment and, collectively, are losing it.’ Having listened to the song on repeat since it’s release, I certainly do think the message could be interpreted differently by listeners who are unable to see their loved ones because of the pandemic allowing more fans to relate to the track. It shows that these people are not alone and that we are all missing someone who we haven’t seen due to the lockdown.

Despite the song being about missing a loved one, the energetic colourful tempo makes it the ultimate upbeat tune that we all need in our lives right now. That’s what I love about Dancing on Tables, they just write the type of music that makes their fans feel good. Crack on Losing It after a bad day and within seconds you’ll be dancing away to the infectious guitar hooks and lively melodies.

If you haven’t have a chance to listen to Losing It then make sure you check it out now!



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