Single Review – A Maxwell: Dawn

By Chelsea Ness

A Maxwell, the solo project of Glaswegian singer songwriter, Anoghas Maxwell has just released his latest single, Dawn and if you’re a fan of indie folk rock music with incredibly moving lyrics then you’ll absolutely adore it. Yet another incredible talent coming out of Scotland…

At first instance when listening to Dawn, I was completely taking back. The rhythmic guitar riff eases listeners in straight from the offset quickly followed by A Maxwell’s strong vocals. Maxwell just has this incredibly gripping charm in his voice that will have you hooked right from the start. The type of natural effortlessly voice that mixes in beautifully with the indie folk style of Dawn. Throughout the entire track, the sweet blend of colourful melodies creates a sense of inspiration for listeners. There’s a feel-good and heartwarming aura that surrounds Dawn conveying a sense of hopefulness and wholesomeness.

Think Bombay Bicycle Club meets King Charles (the musician) mixed with fluttering melodies and infectious lyrics that A Maxwell displays so well. The track itself relates to spiraling out of control when thinking about past mistakes and regrets. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we all have regrets and it’s the worst feeling in the world when you constantly think back to those decisions you made previously that you wouldn’t have done at present. Dawn focuses on constantly overthinking these regrets so much so that they are always on your mind.

Despite the song reflecting feeling lost and alone the upbeat music alongside the lyrics: ‘I’ve seen this all before, don’t crush me before I see the dawn‘ suggest that the persona will be okay. This is an incredibly important message to display especially when it comes to mental health and I think it’s the type of song that will instantly put a smile on listeners’ faces. It’s the type of track that leaves me feeling motivated – how incredible must it feel to be able to write a song that is so powerful, it leaves people feeling empowered?! It clearly shows the quality in A Maxwell’s songwriting talents.

Just when you don’t think the song can be any better towards the end, a brief electric guitar solo takes place. It fits in perfectly with the rest of the indie folk rock genre that flows beautfully throughout Dawn. With the smooth harmonies, edgy guitar riffs, captivating lyrics and the blistering melodies, this would certainly be a song that would be well suited at a live set! I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2020 has in store for the A Maxwell project as I’ll definitely be making a point to see him live in the future!






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