SINGLE REVIEW: Rolland Square – Disco Misfits

By Jason Small

It was in February last year that I was introduced to Glasgow pop-rock band Rolland Square, where they headlined a show at Bloc+ that I attended to catch my newfound pals Quotes Of The Dead live, and while they were totally fresh faces to me, they won me over with a tidy set.

Since their establishment, in addition to TV spots and a decent amount of airplay among other things, they’ve put out a selection of demos as feelers, but the time is now at last for their first proper single – Disco Misfits.

The song flows to a very smooth, laidback melody, which is complimentary to the fluorescent sound, formed through glossy guitar riffs, thin bass lines and warm, hearty singing, plus the drum beats have quite a distinctly snappy punch to them.

The chorus is quite nice and has a catchy hook to it, although admittedly feels a little held back, with the energy not really stepping up above the level that the verses run at, but ultimately that’s a nitpick that doesn’t do much damage in the long term.

Overall, as their official debut release, Disco Misfits provides a satisfying listening experience and is an ideal gateway for newbies to what the Glaswegian group are capable of, which will hopefully be expanded upon in the future.

FACEBOOK: RollandSquare

TWITTER: @RollandSquare

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