Single Review: One Last Time – Fabric Bear

by Chris Greig

A lockdown release done right? Too right. It’s been over a month now since Edinburgh lads Fabric Bear released their latest banger ‘One Last Time’ and I’ve not stopped listening to it since. It’s safe to say it has made its way into my ‘Lockdown Anthems’ playlist.

The song kicks off rather simply with lead singer Ryan’s Alex Turner-esque vocal and a guitar, singing what sounds like the beginning a tale of longing and love. This track seems to be a very a modern take on this rather common theme of love, with very smart use of epigram-like phrases, metaphors and acknowledgment of social media in modern relationships.

As the first verse continues, the rest of the band join Ryan’s leading vocal, the description of the subject of the songs lyrics becomes more detailed, and the bands style of indie-rock is felt immediately.

The verses seem to transition flawlessly into the chorus with the repetition of the title of the track serving as the songs main vocal hook. This is backed up with the backing vocal harmonies repeating the phrase with some very nice falsetto work on display. The over style of the track seems to change here as each of the instruments almost build to that final ‘One Last Time’.

The use of phrases like ‘I’ve hit a bad one, no surprise’ and ‘When my mother asks where you are, I’ll act like nothing’s changed’ almost gives a personal touch to the song, as these are things many of us would think or experience when going through the ever so wonderful experience of heartbreak and wishing to see the person you love again when you know you likely cannot.

I feel like once again, in classic Ryan Hunter/Fabric Bear fashion, the band have blessed our ears with an undeniably catchy hit of a track which is relatable to the listener on many levels. I am lucky enough to have known Ryan for a long time and having followed his career from his early days in other bands to selling out a headline show at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut last year for the Summer Nights festival, I can confidently say that I have only seen the man go from strength to strength and that this track is by far, in my opinion, up there with some of his best work.

Fabric Bear definitely do have their own unique style of indie-rock that is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any listener and they have proven time and time again over the years that they can get a packed room moving to their incredibly well-written music.

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