Single Review: Maya Delilah – I’m Just Stupid

By Alana Strange

Maya Delilah recently released her single ‘I’m Just Stupid’ making it the fourth single from her upcoming EP which is set to be released later in June this year. This single comes just after Maya’s charity single ‘Safe’ with funds supporting University College London Hospitals.

Maya has a dedicated following and it’s no surprise. Maya is passionate about her music and love of guitar, with the singer having her own Youtube series ‘Table Time’ where she provides regular guitar tutorials and interaction with others in their musical path.

More on the latest single.. ‘I’m Just Stupid

I liked the feel good vibe from Maya’s smooth, upbeat vocals. I feel it is exactly what we need in these doom and gloom times and it’s also the perfect summer track. I’m hooked.

What is the track about then?

Maya: “It’s about that feeling of being fooled into thinking you are somebody’s ‘special someone’ when they are really just stringing you along… That going back-and-forth feeling in your head – do I really like them? Do they really like me? Am I being played? AM I JUST BEING STUPID??”, Maya explains. “I thought I’d write about it to get it out of my head and onto paper, but also to show others that they are not crazy to think these things, as, come on, we all do it…”

Check out Maya Delilah below…





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