Socially Distant Spins with Leaving Bordeaux

Today’s Socially Distant Spins is brought to you by Glaswegian indie rock band, Leaving Bordeaux. The band have been making quite a name for themselves in the local music scene with the sell out of their first headliner set and the release of their second single, Adrenaline. Check out what albums they couldn’t self isolate without below!

Louis’ Choice: Daft punk – Random Access Memories

Why did it make the list? I just love this album. Because every single piece of music is perfectly orchestrated. And every time I listen to it, I find something new that I hadn’t heard before, so I can continuously listen to it and not ever get bored of it.

Favourite Track: “Give life back to music”

Alex’s Choice: The Beatles – The Beatles (white album)

Why did it make the list? This album is an hour and a half of the Beatles best and worst music, there’s a song to fit every mood every mood you’re can accompany you in any activity. I’ve mostly been doing the dishes listening to it.

Favourite Track: Happiness is a Warm Gun

Darren’s Choice: Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Why did it make the list? I’ve chose this album because overall it’s an album about love (what music isn’t) and during this time I think it’s something we all need is a little love. The album has a wide variety of sound that can fit every mood, from melancholy to I want to head but a wall. It also always leaves me inspired to do what I love.

Favourite Track: I would have to say ‘Hey’ as it is a very laid-back beautiful piece of music, with stunning melodies, harmonies and a screeching guitar solo. Lyrically what I get from it is about 2 people in a failing relationship

Caleb’s Choice: The Strokes – The New Abnormal

Favourite track: “Selfless”. The song its self is quite a sweet sounding and powerful wee ballad that brings a bit of levity in this lock down.

Jamie’s Choice: Metallica – The Black Album.

Why did it make the list? I decided to pick this album as each song has a different emotional connection with myself, Songs like “Sad but true”- “Hollier Than Thou” & “Where ever I may roam” are just masterpieces.

Favourite Track: “My Friend Of Misery” the song to me means a lot and during this lockdown as the lyrics are just so relatable with the opening line being “You just stood there screaming, fearing no one was listening to you”. It’s a good song to listen too if your just pissed off with the world at the moment also!


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