Single Review: The Common View – You Are Lost in the Old Age

by Chelsea Ness

Leeds Indie rock outfit, The Common View have treated fans during lockdown to their brand new single, ‘You Are Lost in the Old Age.‘ I’ll be honest, this was the first time listening to the band yet I was instantly drawn to their post punk influence and the powerful message displayed throughout the track. ‘You Are Lost in the Old Age‘ represents the social injustice that is still present in our society today and it’s refreshing to see such an important issue being addressed through music. Not only does the song help highlight that social injustice is still an issue but it also emphasies the hypocrisy of social prejudice displayed throughout the older generation.

Sharp, primal guitar riffs fire in with the edgy bass guitar and rapid drum beats luring listeners in right from the start. The catchy blend of guitar hooks carried throughout creates this incredible build-up to the chorus where the lyrics: ‘The thing is that you are lost in the old age, there’s nothing you can do to escape‘ creates the harsh reality that there are still individuals out there who judge people differently because of the way they look, their gender, their race, sexual orientation – the list goes on. The band explain that the track follows: ‘the story of an intolerant gentleman who is stuck in his old ways and passes judgment to a number of different people, but ultimately finds himself in trouble whereby he is helped by the same individuals that he is so against.’ This is an perfect example of someone who is so quick to judge despite not knowing any of these people. This is represented perfectly throughout the track and highlights to listeners the social inequality issues we are still facing.

My favourite lyrics throughout the entire track has to be: ‘It looks like the whole world is changing for good and you’ve been left behind in the wood‘. People are becoming more liberal with their views and although there is still inequality within gender, race and sexual orientation present in the world, people’s attitudes are changing. Sadly, there’s always going to be people stuck in their ways and old-fashioned mindsets however, ‘You Are Lost in that Old Age’ really highlights the change in outdated beliefs. It gives me hope that the younger generation of our society has this ability to change these old fashioned values for good.

Social injustice is such an important topic to be addressed and I just love how The Common View can express it throughout their music. An incredibly difficult thing to do yet they do it so naturally. After listening to a few of their tracks, it’s clear the band have a talent for writing songs about the real issues in our society, Fuck Them and Man on the Moon in particularly represent this exceptionally well. You Are Lost in the Old Age not only gives us our high energetic rock fix but also makes us think more of the social inequality within our society today, conveying this incredibly important message throughout certainly making The Common View a band to watch out for in the future!


Facebook: /thecommonview
Instagram: @thecommonview_band
Twitter: @th3commonview

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