Single Review: Pleasure Heads – War and Orange Juice

By Myrren Porter

There is nothing like the release of new music to perk yourself up during these uncertain times, therefore discovering the return of Pleasure Heads this month brought smiles to the faces of many finding themselves remaining in lockdown.

The band has returned with their second release of the year War & Orange Juice following the release of their single Sick of the Sights which premiered in March.

War & Orange Juice consists of lyrics that are brutal yet informative and cover serious aspects of society which we as people are surrounded by in our everyday lives. Lines such as “Catch a cold waiting for the train, decide to find a cure while I’m delayed,” confirm this.

The track is a continuous story of never-ending bad news, and although it was written in October last year, the content in which the song deals with seems more than relevant today.

Such lyrics are accompanied by hefty guitar rhythms and complimentary drumbeats that produce punkesque vibes which is what defines Pleasure Heads and allows them to stand out in the competitive industry.

Singer Euan Purves delivers the harsh lyrics in a way that you still find yourself nodding along too even though they deal with quite bleak circumstances, which are met with vigorous drums and a strong, continuous bassline.

When first listening to the track, it is instantly recognisable as a Pleasure Heads number. However, this new song takes a darker approach in terms of its overall sound, showing the versatility of the Falkirk four-piece.

War & Orange Juice illustrates the continuous creativity of Pleasure Heads with the group continuing to release new content throughout the duration of the year, with a new single release scheduled for every two months making this lockdown period that little bit more bearable.



Twitter: @pleasureheads

Instagram: pleasure_heads

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