An Interview with Keir Gibson

This week we caught up with Scottish alternative pop singer songwriting, Keir Gibson to discuss playing at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay street party, supporting Tom Walker and of course the release of his latest single, ‘Circles’. Have a read below now!

  1. When did you discover your love for music? 

I don’t remember a definitive moment as music has always been a massive part of my life. My dad was instrumental in this and there would be countless nights where we would stay up till 3 or 4 in the morning just playing music and having a laugh. Looking back on it, I’ve not known life without a passion and enjoyment for playing music. I wasn’t aware there was anything else.

  1. Who were your main musical influences growing up and what drew you to them? 

I had quite a varied bunch of influences. I guess me and my friends grew up listening to a lot of indie bands like Circa Waves, Bastille, Fatherson, Wombats, Lumineers, Mumford and Sons… stuff like that but also, a lot of traditional music as well. Being from the Highlands that’s kind of normal but it perhaps influenced me in more of the social and collaborative sense rather than musically.

  1. How would you describe the Scottish music scene?

Very exciting. I’m not sure if I notice it more because I’m in it now but there is a load of amazing emerging bands and artists. I think there has been a real spotlight shone on the scene after the success of Lewis Capaldi.

  1. Who are your current favourite musicians / bands at the moment? 

Some of my favourite musicians at the moment are Jon Bellion, Bazzi, Finneas, Maggie Rogers and Holly Humberstone. They’re all producing such great music. I also really like bands like Young The Giant, Oh Wonder and Night Riots.

  1. You released your latest single, ‘Circles’ on the 20th may – what was the creative process behind it? 

I wrote ‘Circles’ when I was in London with a producer duo called The Nocturns. I did my previous singles with them and they are a lot of fun to work with… we seem to click. When we were talking at the start of the session, we decided to write something half tempo and then started experimenting with sounds. After we had a beat going, the first thing I did was come up with the melody for the chorus and kept coming back to the word ‘Circles’. I liked it so much we then worked backwards from that to create the rest of the song. I wanted to try and set a scene and use really vivid imagery. I feel like it was a good concept to experiment with.

  1. My favourite track of yours is Hollow – what was the influence behind the lyrics? 

Thank you for liking ‘Hollow’ – it’s a special song for me! ‘Hollow’ is about a past relationship I was in which became quite toxic. I felt my overall happiness was based on whether we were in a good place or getting on. It started to make me feel pretty down about myself and I guess that was the main inspiration behind the song. I wanted to express how I was feeling but the song is also a note to myself to tell me ‘everything will be ok’.

  1. You recently support Tom Walker – tell us more about that … what was it like? 

Supporting Tom Walker was pretty amazing. It was the first time we tried a slightly different, stripped back set up on stage which worked well. I had a really good laugh with my bandmates and also met loads of nice people from the audience. The venue was incredible and Tom and his team were really welcoming.

  1. What’s been the most memorable gig you’ve played and why? 

My most memorable gig was definitely Edinburgh’s Hogmanay party at the turn of the year. Everyone was in a brilliant mood obviously and it was only the second time I had played with my full band, so it was so much fun to play a stage that size and to have people on stage to enjoy the buzz with. It was also cool to play to that many people (I think about 4,000 people) and to enjoy the night afterwards.

  1. What advice would you give you younger musicians who are looking to get into the industry? 

My advice would be along the lines of, take every opportunity you get. Even if it doesn’t turn out right or turn out to be the best gig in the world, you always learn something from it. I think take everything and try make the best of it.

  1. What plans do you have in regards to music once the lockdown has been lifted? 

When lockdown lifts I’ll see what’s possible with ongoing restrictions but I’d love to get back with my band playing gigs. I’ve also been writing loads so I’d also like to get back into the studio to start recording more music. I have some stuff in the pipeline so it won’t be as much of a wait this time before new music.


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● Twitter @KeirGibsonMusic

Have a listen to Keir’s latest single below…

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