Single Review: Mt. Doubt – Caravans On A Hill

By Orla Brady

At the beginning of May, Last Night From Glasgow gifted us with Mt. Doubt’s new single Caravans on a Hill.

Since forming in 2014, Mt. Doubt have released numerous singles and EPs, alongside their 2015 album My Past Is A Quiet Beast and 2016’s album In Awe of Nothing.

Their prolific releases have gained the band respect and popularity amongst both critics and audiences. This is primarily due to the way in which their musicianship and artistry shines through in each and every song they create.

Caravans On A Hill is no exception and, in fact, propels the band into an elevated standard than we have heard before.

As the track begins, intricate electric guitar weaves together with tender, quiet and slightly distorted vocals. The addition of steady drumming creates a fuller sound, however the song does not lose the atmospheric quality that was present at the start.

As Caravans On A Hill continues, the themes of sadness and fear become prevalent in the lyrics. These themes are expanded through the music, which remains both moving and melodic and flows alongside the emotional vocals in order to tell an intimate, and sentimental story.

Judging by the standard of this track, fans of Mt. Doubt will certainly be excited to witness what is to come from the band in the near future. Caravans On A Hill also serves as the perfect introduction to those who are not familiar with this exceptionally talented band.

Check out Mt Doubt Below…


Twitter: @MtDoubt

Instagram: @MtDoubt

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